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We're HOUSTON based ... Providing furnished apartments near the TEXAS MEDICAL CENTER - M.D. ANDERSON CANCER CENTER & MAY'S CLINIC & PROTON THERAPY CENTER, METHODIST, ST LUKE'S/TEXAS HEART INSTITUTE , BAYLOR COLLEGE of MEDICINE, TEXAS CHILDREN'S & WOMEN'S PAVILLION, MEMORIAL-HERMANN & TIRR, TEXAS WOMEN'S, GALLERIA, DOWNTOWN HOUSTON via Metro Rail, RELIANT PARK, RICE UNIVERSITY, CLEAR LAKE, PASADENA & PEARLAND...but also assist companies and individuals throughout Texas. If you're considering an all-inclusive & fully-furnished apartment for yourself, your family, the top-level executive, or for a 'cost conscious' intern or student - let TempStay assist you with your accommodations.

Rates depend on:
  • Location
  • Square Footage (from 650' to 1800')
  • # of Bedrooms & Bathrooms (1x1, 2x1, 2x2, 2x2.5, 2x2 Loft, 3x2)
  • Length of Stay


Whether your need is a corporate relocation, medical patient and family or medical professionals, a temporary business assignment, employee housing for projects and training, military or government contract or just an extended vacation ... and you're thinking about renting an all-inclusive, fully-furnished apartment across the street or in selected markets in the continental United States ... let us assist you.

Archstone Toscano
West University

1x1 Flat 753 sq' to 786 sq' Sleeps 2
2x2 Flat 1160 sq' Sleeps 5
2x2 Loft 1331 sq' Sleeps 7

2x2.5 Den 1701 sq' Sleeps 6
3x2 Flat 1581 sq' Sleeps 7
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Hermann Park

1x1 Flat 753 sq' Sleeps 2
2x2 Flat 1160 sq' Sleeps 5
2x2 Loft 1400 sq' Sleeps 7
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Portico Kirby
(Formerly Arcadian Kirby)

1x1 Flat 640 sq' to 768 sq' Sleeps 2
2x1 Flat 888 sq' Sleeps 5
2x2 Flat 1160 sq' Sleeps 5
3x2 Flat 1581 sq' Sleeps 7
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IMT at the
Medical Center

1x1 Flat 659 sq' Sleeps 2
2x1 810 sq' Sleeps 4
2x2 Flat 871 sq' to 910 sq' Sleeps 4-5
3x2 Flat 1107 sq' Sleeps 6

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Let us be your first and last call to secure fully-furnished corporate housing anywhere you need to be.


   temp \TEM-p\ adj: Latin: lasting for a limited time

   stay \stA\ verb: Middle English: to take up residence; to continue in a place

   Example sentence: I always choose TempStay ® for my corporate housing needs.